“I’m here to empower, equip and engage fellow aspiring changemakers to invest in themselves and their communities.”


My story began well before I entered the NFL – if anything the league is a bookmark in a single chapter that’s still being written.

So let’s back up.

The Power of Community

Here’s the basics: I’m the oldest of 6 kids. Originally from the suburbs of Houston, Texas, but moved to the outskirts of Denver, Colorado when I was 10. Culture shock might not have been something I completely understood back then. I just knew I was surrounded by fewer faces that looked like mine and had a growing desire to belong. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and without the family I’d gotten so used to having close by, I wondered if I could find that same feeling of belonging anywhere else. And, I tried. From martial arts to band, I spent most of my middle school years building any community I could, but nothing was lasting. Then football came along… 

The Power of Team

My first shot at playing competitively came in high school when my family moved across town. I was starting all over again in a new school, but this time I had a plan. Despite the fact that I’d spent more time carrying a trombone than a football, I wanted in. It turns out when you’re known for giving your best, people want you on their team. Football was originally a way for me to make friends before classes started, but it quickly turned into something bigger. I not only found community and belonging, but I also discovered the power of teamwork–what was possible when working together towards a common goal. With lessons like these from the game, I felt like I couldn’t lose. That was powerful.

The Power of Purpose 

At this point I felt I could tackle whatever came my way. I was a high achiever–good grades, helpful around the house, a pleasure to have in class, even musically inclined–I checked all the boxes. And, with football I earned the opportunity to attend one of the best universities in the world. Unfortunately, when I arrived at Columbia I faced a new reality. I struggled to live up to expectations, both self imposed and otherwise. My grades slipped, and so did my sense of purpose. I was lost, stranded even. I defined myself by my achievements. Without them I didn’t know who I was, and football quickly became my only option–my safe haven.


The Power of Passion

Reflecting on the culmination of everyone’s hard work – long hours from coaches, trust from my teammates, sacrifices made by my parents over the years – that’s when it hits the hardest, that’s what I’m thinking about in the tunnel on game day, and that’s what motivates me to make an impact beyond football. I’m so lucky to pursue my passion for a living alongside others doing the same. When a group of people pursue a shared vision – the results are incredible. So much so, that I want to help other passionate people understand the power of their communities and their ability to accomplish life changing goals together. 



I love football for a lot of reasons. I love the mental and physical challenge–pushing myself to my limits. I love the practice of facing real adversity–the physical obstacles actively working against me. I love the opportunities football has provided me–the lifestyle, the access, the financial security.



16 days, 9 cities, 1 goal. Bring people to the table for conversations that matter.

I put everything I have into creating this web series. I’ve spent a good chunk of the last 3 weeks in a cramped RV going city to city talking about real issues, the divides those cause, and openly talk about what options we have to bridge those gaps.


Inviting us to look within ourselves is Jai Sugrim, advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, athletic trainer, public speaker, recognized men’s health expert, and World Series champion. Jai shares everything you need to know about the inner life, placing emphasis on figuring out our inner motivations and passions in life.

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