Let’s call these Josh Martin’s Facts of Football…

Fact #1: My football career is going to end.

Fact #2: I have not made enough money to retire after my playing career.

Fact #3: I’ve spent more than half of my life playing football.

These facts aren’t unique to me. In fact, I’d bet my life Fact #1 is at least 100% accurate for anyone who’s put on a helmet— probably the safest bet of them all. So, based on that fact alone it’s 100% necessary to think about what’s next?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about what’s next?, and I’ve found that thinking can only get you so far. I once had a coach who talked about paralysis by analysis. It’s no secret—when you wait too long you lose.

How long is too long? I don’t know, and I have no interest in finding out. I’m shooting my shot, and that’s what this website is all about.


I have a simple philosophy when it comes to ensuring my success after football—in winning life. Which is to say—I define what success means for me on my terms and my terms only. I have the extremely good fortune of pursuing my passion for football as a living. The lifestyle is nice, and the access and platform are even better (we’ll get to this later).

So, what is success to me? It’s just that. Making a living pursuing my passions—doing the things I enjoy. It’s the one lesson from football I’m really happy I’ve learned, and it’s the primary metric I’ll use to measure the success of the rest of my life. How often am I able to do the things I enjoy?

So, what role does this website play? See facts #2 & 3.

I’m gonna keep it real…Ya boy gotta eat. Hahahaha. But really…

I’m not running out of money anytime soon. However, I know my savings and investments won’t last without adequate supplementation (I have a guy who runs my numbers). There’s only one problem, I’ve been playing football for MORE THAN HALF OF MY LIFE! No lie, I’m not entirely sure I know how to do anything else.

Enter self reflection (*insert harp sound effects*).

I know I’ve played football for the last fifteen years of my life, but I also know football pays me in more than dollars and cents. I’ve been building more than my bank accounts through all of my hard work and sacrifice, and it’s time to cash out before it’s too late.

I’m shooting my shot by recognizing and leveraging all of the things football has afforded me—next level discipline and determination, the ability and comfort in betting on myself, and the social capital and clout of my relationships and achievements—and I’m using it all to invest in myself and my community while inspiring others to do the same.

If you look around you’ll see I’ve created a lot of content. What first started as an experiment has become a way for me to inform and inspire. Producing and creating is something I really enjoy, and I’m excited to share this with you. Take a look around and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think.

Once again, Welcome! This is just the beginning.

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